Tuggoat (coming April 23, 2024!)
Kids will giggle with joy at Cordelia the goat's antics in this whimsical tale about self-confidence, empathy, and never backing down from big dreams.
Cordelia is not like other goats. While others gambol on the hill and nibble on interesting things, she looks out with longing at the tugboats in the bay. Cordelia may be a goat, but she wants to be a tugboat. And she's going to be a tugboat--a tuggoat--no matter what anybody tells her! Even if the world doesn't believe in her, Cordelia knows exactly who she is.
With plenty of heart and lots of laughs, Cordelia's story will inspire readers to be themselves, no matter what other people say. Sometimes that means extending a helping hand--or hoof--to the ones who doubt you. Tuggoat reminds kids that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.
Author: Kersten Hamilton
Editor: Naomi Krueger

Beaming Books (April 23, 2024)

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